"Do You Know Who the Heck You Are?"

Do You Know Who the Heck You Are???


Have you ever…

Wondered who the heck you are and why you are here?  I have spent thousands of hours contemplating that very question.

Do you think that you are just a body, born from your parents into a world that is all pre-planned and mapped out to play out a certain way for you?  Does it seem like things are just happening to you without your consent? 

Ever since we arrived in this world, we have thought that we are a separate being from our Inner True Being.  That’s what this whole “Game of Life” is all about.  The name of the Game is “Can you figure out who you really are before you Croak?”  You see, if you search diligently for the answers, then you are seeking for the Truth.  The answers reveal the path back to yourself and you can finally let go of all the burdens you carry on your back from all your wrong beliefs.  You can stop trying to fool yourself into thinking you can create a better version of yourself than God can.

The moment we came into this “Game of Life”, we forgot that we were eternal sons and daughters created in perfection in the image of God.  We thought we were created to design our own perfect version of ourselves, all by ourselves. 

I think I did a pretty good job as a child living in Heaven on Earth, connected to my Inner Self.  I owe that to my mother.  She was the most loving, kind, giving soul who nourished my true authentic self.  It was about the time that she became ill, dying of breast cancer, that I overheard her when I was about fourteen.  It was the moment when my eyes were opened to the “Other World”.  The world that she wanted to warn me about.  The one that she worried would be cruel to me if I didn’t hide my Light from shining too brightly.  She knew if I wasn’t careful that the “Mini Me’s” would strip my innocence from me and coerce me into submission to be a “People Pleaser” to them.

That was the day I created my first suit that I thought could protect my true identity from the “Mini Me’s”.  I got better and better over the years as the “Mini Me’s” became smarter at manipulating and controlling my “Mini Me” mind that was creating the suits.  You see after years and years of creating new suits to protect my identity, I forgot who and what I was trying to protect…The Real Authentic Me.  I became a “Mini Me” just like them.  Trying to control everything and everyone to see what I wanted them to see.

I thought I was so intelligent, so intelligent that when I came too close to revealing my true self, to even myself, I would sabotage the attempt just to keep my identity hidden.  I would then stick my “Mini Me’ head in the sand and pretend I couldn’t hear or feel my Inner Being.   Ahhhh, close one, but my identity was still intact.  I lost myself under all the layers I used to disguise myself with. 

I knew something was really wrong after many years of a marriage to a man who wanted to control every aspect of me and my “Mini Me” identities that he helped to create.  That’s when my search began to find myself again.

Well, “Mini Me” Michelle has given up the resistance!  The war has ended, the battle is no longer.  She can retire her disguise, take it off and embrace her True Authentic self “Chelle”.  She is Chelle!  Always has been, always will be and eternal goddess, sister to All, One with All Life.  Michelle doesn’t have to compete with Chelle any longer.  She is free!  Free to breathe a sigh of relief and start living back in Heaven on Earth before she Croaks and has to start all over again. 

Chelle is free to create the life that Michelle has always wanted to live.  A life where they are finally connected, co-creating everything she ever wanted without caring what the “Mini Me’s” think.  In Chelle’s World they are not in control!  Time to take back what is rightfully mine.  It’s my birthright to live free and not let anyone try to take control of any aspect of my life.  I no longer give over control to any “Mini Me’s”.

“Mini Me” Michelle has retired.  Michelle is too tired and weak and has had enough.  It’s time to let Chelle take over! It’s time to give up feeling indebted, shackled and caged. It’s time to live an unapologetic, empowered life led by the daughter of God.  Time to let the good times roll!!!

Chelle is Rising

Chelle is Free

I am Chelle